OutOberFest in Tucson, AZ.
Pushing radios at the Sirius booth.
Hideous picture of me!  (But Derek
looks cute and boyish here,
doesn't he?)
We left the stage to pose with the
crowd at the end of the night.  The
cute girl licking my ear had earlier
asked me for my bra.  And next to
Derek are the feral children to
whom we gave our stale donuts.  
They were hopped up on sugar
and hilarious.
Derek reacts to the obscenely
large limo we had Saturday night.  
We decided to call Romaine to
make her jealous but she was
naked in a lesbian bar when we
reached her and, therefore, was
not impressed.
Me in the shiny, shiny limo.
In front of Woody's bar with
Robert, a wonderful host.
Posing for a publicity photo.

Did you take pictures of us in
Tucson?  Please
send them to me!