I was born and raised in Pennsylvania.  My father
ran a chain of family-owned newspapers, along with
a couple of small radio stations.  Family vacations
often revolved around National Newspaper
Association conventions and I learned at a very
early age that the  "liberal media"  is an illusion.

A pathologically shy and unpopular child, I was
miserable at school until my mother finally placed
me in a wonderful
Quaker school.   I graduated from
a small women's college in Massachusetts that has
since gone co-ed, so I don't feel compelled to give
them a plug.  Nothing against the boys, it's just not
the same school.

After frittering away a year or so bartending in
Boston, I moved to West Hollywood, CA, "The Silliest
Place on Earth," where I bartended a while longer.  
Eventually, I landed gigs writing for MTV, Rugrats,
Disney's Recess, along with various magazines,
interactive products and web sites. I wrote for and
edited a gay magazine called "Bent," which would
have been a marvelous periodical if the
Editor-in-Chief and Publisher hadn't been
knee-deep in various criminal enterprises that
landed them in jail.  Still, the experience enabled
me to make the leap to Teen Magazine, where I
remained for two and a half enjoyable years until
Teen was ruthlessly squashed in a corporate

I joined OutQ when I was approached to produce
the show Harrison on the Edge.  When Harrison and
Sirius parted ways, I was whisked to New York City
to meet Frank DeCaro.  Less than a week later, The
Frank DeCaro Show debuted and the rest is radio

Have I left out anything?  Are there typos on this
page?  Please
email me your inappropriately
personal questions and criticism and I may or may
not choose to provide a satisfactory response.